Early-Stage Technology and Life Sciences Companies
Being based in the San Francisco Bay area, Omega Valuations encounters technology companies very frequently. We have worked with firms in all stages of development (Concept, Startup, Product Development, Product Shipping and Revenue Generating) and nearly every stage of financing (Friends and Family, Angel, Seed, First-Third, Mezzanine/Bridge, and IPO).

Early-stage technology and life science companies with an R & D pipeline are often associated with zero- revenue or limited operating history. However, they still have a value beyond what may be shown on their financial statements. Valuation of such companies often involves unique and creative approaches and involves a deep understanding of the technology, the commercial potential and risks inherent to the development. Our constant interaction with VCs and entrepreneurs and use of cutting edge technology helps us wade through the many challenges associated with valuing development-stage technology and life sciences companies.

We have performed valuation analysis of early stage companies in a wide variety of industries, including: 

⦁    Information Technology, Software/gaming, SaaS companies
⦁    Internet
⦁    Electronics, Semiconductor Equipment, Mobile Communications
⦁    Biotechnology and Life sciences companies
⦁    Nanotechnology
⦁    Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Medical Devices
⦁    Community centric companies involved in fair trade


Mature Companies

In addition to helping early stage companies, we periodically engage with mature companies with consistent cash flow in assignments related to ESOP, gift taxation and Fairness Opinions. The following is a sample of the types of businesses and assets we have valued:

⦁    Professional practices-- Architectural and Engineering Firms
⦁    Manufacturing firms in a variety of industries
⦁    Consulting services – Civil and Geotechnical Engineering, Laboratory services
⦁    Construction related and Specialty Trade Contractors of all types
⦁    Wide range of Technology companies, including software, hardware, life sciences 
⦁    Air charter services
⦁    and many others

We endeavor at all times to provide unbiased, defensible valuation reports for all of our engagements. We believe in following proven financial and valuation techniques as a standard practice and strive to achieve the highest levels of professionalism in our work.

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